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Shalom Winton 2015
Betlémská chapel

CD Din Torah

At Judafest

Vogels on a tree

Vrtbovská garden

From the premiere
Z deníku hraběnky M.

To the memory of sir Nicholas Winton

March against antisemitism

Before the premiere Shalom Winton

From the MAŽIF 2014 festival

Bird clone?

70th birthday celebration

Preparation for the musical Ester

Before the concert
in the Jewish community

by King David

Concert in the Jewish community

Mazl Tov


Grébovka 2011

Grébovka 2011


Looking to the Czech future

After a premiere in Jerusalem Synagogue (the Jubilee Synagogue)

Did you notice that I have an infinite keyboard on my head?

Family coziness

…when I buy it, it is gonna be mine…

I usually compose with my bowler

I stay at the piano till morning at home…

And that’s it for today, dears…

…a little pocket souvenir

…and a saxophone in my hands

Izrael-Praha demonstration,
Wenceslas Square

Concert at the
Prague Jewish community

Judafest 2014

Odkaz Berty Suttnerové-Kinské
first night
at Clam-Galass palace

Královna Koloběžka 1.
(musical for children)
first night

Z deníku hraběnky M
first night
at Na prádle theatre

Z deníku hraběnky M
first night
at MANA theatre

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